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Who We Are

We are a progressive brand enhancement agency that evolves as quickly as the world around us. 


We specialize in public relations, marketing, influencer marketing, events, original content creation, and brand partnerships, employing innovative techniques to help our partners reach their goals. 


Our Miami-based agency works with some of the world's leading lifestyle, luxury, beauty, fitness, and hospitality brands to create authentic narratives, meaningful initiatives and original experiences that resonate with today's ever-changing audience.

Public Relations

The public relations landscape has changed radically in recent years. It’s no longer enough to have communications strategies acting in isolation. Increasingly, an effective campaign is an amalgam of approaches, including traditional and digital media, brand articulation, copywriting and events. At Alchemy, we work with our clients to tailor effective multi-pronged tactics to your messaging needs.

Digital Marketing

We take a holistic approach to creative communications in order to gain maximum exposure for your brand. After determining what holes need to be plugged, we bring in resources as needed. From best-in-breed traditional and digital marketers to sponsorship experts, we find the right tools to best amplify your message.


Whether you’re looking for event conception, management, and seamless production or PR and marketing strategies to support your event, our services are tailor-made to your specific needs. No matter how large or small the occasion, we look to transform an ordinary event into an extraordinary experience.

Brand Partnerships

From increasing exposure to driving sales to simply achieving strength in numbers, strategic brand partnerships can be incredibly effective tools. When choosing any partner, it is important to ensure the relationship will be mutually beneficial and your goals are aligned.

Influencer Marketing

The influencer industry remains in its adolescence and oftentimes is easily misunderstood. Our accomplished team of both seasoned and contemporary professionals have cultivated a wealth of industry expertise, enabling us to identify the best influencer strategy to suit your specific goals.

Understanding what each category of influencer can bring to the table is vital; our team is on the ground, fostering relationships with micro and macro-influencers every day. We analyze a wide range of details from audience stats to proven results in order to help you select the influencers that actually influence.

Social Media

Our veteran team of contemporary professionals can take the reins, creating and implementing results-driven social media and social media advertising strategies to ensure your Instagram and Facebook accounts accurately illustrate your brand story, ultimately driving revenue to your business. We help create platforms to get creative and invite consumers to "experience" your brand. 


We use top-tier analytics tools to expand on what's working and adjust what isn't, to ensure that your business is getting the most out of your social media and social media advertising. We don't just give people something to talk about, we utilize strategies that make them want to buy into your brand, literally and figuratively.

Content Curation 

Today’s consumer is flooded with content 24/7. In order to stand out from the crowd and stay relevant, our team of multimedia professionals craft original content that your audience will connect with. It’s about creating a conversation that your followers not only can be a part of but wants to be a part of.

Our team specializes in photo and video work for businesses, influencers, brands, and events.

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